Friday, April 11, 2014

Slippery Visual Slopes - Gianna Commito

Discovered the work of Gianna Commito today.  Luckily, Artsy Forager already did the hard part - describing these incredible pieces in artsy terms.

Turf, 2010
As for me, all I can say is they took my breath away and who can ask more than that from art?  If I forced myself to think sensibly, I suppose terms such as "controlled chaos" might come to mind, or "a riddle wrapped in an enigma sliced into geometric pieces."

Stall, 2010

But I'm not going to force myself, because I would rather inhale the raw beauty than try and impose woefully inadequate words upon these striking works of art.

Track, 2010

Wing, 2009

Moth, 2009
Where, you ask, would a person capable of creating such intricate slippery visual slopes reside?  Excellent question.  According to her bio on the Rachel Uffner Gallery Web site, Gianna Commito, although born in North Carolina, lives and work in Kent, Ohio.  Ah, Kent; the bucolic town sporting a University of the same name from which graduated "Bonnie Turner, writer/creator of 3rd Rock from the Sun and That 70s Show" and "Dav Pilkey, Children's author best known for Captain Underpants."  Should have guessed.

Brig, 2012

All images above courtesy of Gianna Commito's Web site, with the exception of "Brig", courtesy of Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York.


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