Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Paint is to Breathe – An Interview with Barzaga

Although her dad introduced her to art, it’s Barzaga’s women that first caught my eye.  There’s a timelessness about them; they live in the past; they live in the future; they live, live, live. Outer beauty tempered with a single tear, a certain melancholy, they celebrate joy with music and friendship.  They wear their sadness well.  And I love every one of them.

Let’s chat.

Note:  In honor of Barzaga's Cuban heritage, 
questions and answers appear in Spanish 
beneath the English version.

Q1.  What is your first memory of art?

A1.  Spending time with my dad who introduced me to painting.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Orange-Haired Doll and a White-Haired Man - Meet Luon St. Pierre

When it takes nearly a full line of text for an artist's name, you know you are talking to someone special.  Or with 24 great-aunts.  Or both.

Luon Marie Amanda Isabelle Camille Rose St. Pierre creates furniture that makes you want to throw away everything in your house and start over with rooms full of her wildly colorful, eye popping, dance in your socks, impossible to be depressed around, furniture.

Her friends, by the way, call her Lulu.

Luon St. Pierre - Cupboard