Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Master of Ekphrasis - An Interview with Joost de Jonge

Last week, as I obsessively pored over my Pinterest notices, my eyes came back to the same e-mail over and over.  "Joost de Jonge has repinned two of your pins."  Such a familiar name.  Sort of.  And why those two pins, out of the 29,000+ available?

Ah, of course, he chose the two pins of Joost de Jonge's work on my overloaded art board.  Now I know 1) he's a living artist, and 2) he has a Pinterest account.

One click and I discover he lives in the Netherlands, two clicks and I find myself on Joost's Web site, a magical world of color and movement.  This art looks like music.  As if Charles Ives' Concord Sonata hopped onto a canvas and Thelonious Monk decided to follow.

Color, color, color.  Evocative movement.  These images sing to me.  There must be a word for this.

Ekphrasis.  And I have just stumbled upon its Master.

Let's chat.
The Talisman
by Joost de Jonge

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Linear Thinking Run Over by a Truck - An Interview with Eva Folks

Enter Eva Folks' world and you never want to come home. Chickens drive coupes; giraffes rubberneck; well dressed pink poodles cruise in convertibles with one paw on the wheel; homes and offices tilt toward and away from each other in an engineer's fantasy world of gorgeous colors and rule bending.

Eva is good Folks.

Let's chat.


Q1.  What is your first memory of art?

A1.  Sitting under the dining room table with my crayons and drawing all over the bottom of it. My parents weren’t too happy about it at the time, but they didn’t clean it off. The table was around until a few years ago and my childhood scribbles were still on it.

Urban Forest
(Eva Folks)